Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

About Certified Metal & Glass


Experience in high-precision glass engineering for museums, high-profile restaurants, and historical landmarks.



Certified Glass has been in the Gambino family for three generations.



A graduate of architecture spearheads our highly skilled team.



Certified Glass is a City & Private project contractor: we can meet any need.



Our reputation is built on delivering phenomenal quality under budget, even within tight deadlines.



“Outside of the box” thinking—raising solutions to a higher standard more quickly in less time.



What began as a humble neighborhood shop in Queens, NY—Certified Metal & Glass is now a third generation full-service company with an unrelenting passion for craftsmanship and service, who’s clients include Kith, Facebook, Fotografiska and the Chrysler Building.  

We Are Committed To Safety

Our foundational value is our commitment to safety for our employees, clients, and the public.

 We know what’s at stake, and it’s not just our reputation. 

Anything less than excellence leaves room for hazards that can injure and pushing timelines back months. We value your time more than letting that happen.

We Are Committed To Our Clients

We’re a client-centric company, meaning your needs become our focal point. 

Our commitment to you includes transparent communication, consulting every step of the way, and a dedicated project manager as your close point of contact to maximize the value we can bring to your project.

Mission Statement

Safety is our top priority on any project. Certified Metal & Glass intends to apply the highest standards of excellence to every aspect of the construction process. 

Our construction expertise and reputation will help produce profitable projects to ensure that our core values are protected.

We will always look to add unique and talented individuals. We will hire them based on ability and expect them to perform. We will maintain the speed and agility of a small enterprise as we grow.

We will approach every project with a “Can Do” attitude and cause this attitude to become contagious.

Core Values


Our business is built on integrity, fairness and honesty—qualities at the foundation of every project. We say what we are going to do, and we do it.


We are relentlessly focused on executing to the highest standards for our clients and communities. We give our very best on every task we perform.


Safety isn’t just a priority—it’s an intrinsic part of our culture.


We guide our business with clear communication, expectations and data-driven decisions. We understand how our actions affect the company’s future, and we take ownership of our successes and our failures.


We go out of our way to advance our profession and improve people’s lives in the communities where we live and work. It is both a responsibility and a privilege to help create a lasting, positive impact.


We strive every day to better our tools, our processes, and ourselves to build better. As our clients evolve, we pioneer new approaches to meet and anticipate their needs.

Meet the Team



Salvatore Gambino


President & CEO

Eva Gambino


Vice President

Michael Gambino


Office Administrator

Gabriella Gambino

Director of Operations

Sebastien Euvrard

Operations Manager

Seeta Bodh

Financial Controller

Justine Wachtel

Project Manager

Orlando Ortiz

Field Operations Manager

Oleg Bogdanov

Contact Us

We at Certified believe in collaborating with architects, builders, draftsmen, contractors, and clients.

Let’s talk about your project.

(212) 364-2740



800 Axinn Ave
Garden City, NY 11530


Certified Metal & Glass is now a third-generation full-service company with an unrelenting passion for craftsmanship and service, whose clients include Kith, Facebook, Fotografiska, and the Chrysler Building. 

We always want to add unique and talented individuals to our team. You will gain new skills while working closely with the industry’s most experienced architectural graduates.

If you are interested in building and shaping not only the city but your career, we welcome you to fill out the form on our careers page or reach out to us directly at